Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mexican oilcloth bunting

I bought some lovely Mexican oilcloth from Susie at I just love that fabric ages ago, and until now haven't got around to sewing with it. However, with the sun shining today I decided that would be my next project - some outdoor bunting that would work perfectly in a poolside environment - practical and waterproof yet bold, bright and gorgeous!

I found the oilcloth really beautiful to sew and cut, but had to leave the stitching on the outside instead of turning the oilcloth inside out to create a neater seam - it does look lovely still though and I'm definitely going to add oilcloth bunting to my website as I think it'd be great for the Aussie outdoors!

Here is the finished product hanging out on my terrace this afternoon (wish I had a pool!!) - double-sided pink hibiscus and tutti fruit stripe bunting - gorgeous!!

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