Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantastic find: Made To Inspire

Made to Inspire was born from a simple yet inspiring beginning, when during a personally difficult time in her life, jewellery designer & engraver Filomena engraved a special ring for herself which read “I CAN DO IT”. This ring signified her desire to be positive, to keep moving forward - a visual, positive affirmation she would see each day.

Many customers and friends noticed the ring and were taken by the message and the idea behind the ring. Slowly orders starting coming in with customers requesting their own messages of inspiration for their piece. Orders came in all forms, languages and styles. From this encouraging response the inspiration for ‘Made to Inspire’ took off. Now a mother and daughter team Filomena and Natalia work side by side creating works to inspire and feed the souls of their customers.
They now create upmarket sterling silver or gold rings, pendants, Alert and ID tags which can be engraved with any message, family names, mottos or sayings. They also have a 'Secrets' collection coming out soon - these pieces will have a special compartment to them which will hold either a little charm or message, for those customers who prefer not to make their message known to everyone.
Truly the perfect keepsake gift for that very special occasion.

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