Friday, August 7, 2009

100 reached! So it's giveaway time again...

I know, it's actually not been long since my last giveaway, but this one is a special 'extra' one to thank everyone who has added themselves to my Facebook fan page to enable me to get to 100 fans and obtain my very own Festoon URL. I reached 100 within just a couple of days and am so thankful for all the fab support that I decided to giveaway some more bunting as a celebration and a big thank you!


So.... this time I am going to give away one of these two bunting swags to one of you:

One is a funky retro boys' banner with a spaceman theme, the other is a gorgeous girly design we call 'Girls Play' and they are both 3M long. The fabric used in girls' play is now actually out of print, so this one is the last of it's kind!

To win your bunting, please just let me know which one you would like to win, and why, and please please become a follower of my blog if you're not already. The winner will be drawn out of the hat by my 6 year old this time, one week today (Friday 14th August) I will take a piccie of the draw taking place!

Good luck folks, and don't forget to tell all your friends to enter too!


  1. Oh YAY...cause I am first does it mean I win...HEE HEE...just jokes.
    I would love the spaceman themed butning...for my beautiful little boy Cooper...He would love it heaps.
    Thanks for the opp and congrats on your 100.


  2. OOh can I please enter! I am a follower already - I would love to win the boys bunting, I have 2 young sons and this would just look FANTASTIC in the boys play area! Thanks! Good luck everyone :)

  3. lovely! I don't know how to choose, I have a boy and a girl!! Can I say if I am pulled out of the hat I will have the one that the other winner does not want??? If not please play eeni meeni mini mo for me!

  4. fingers crossed - I'd love the girl bunting. Would be just perfect for their room which I am redecorating. Thanks (PS I am following you too)!

  5. can I enter, please please??
    I'm already following you,
    I love them both, the boys one would be gorgeous in my boys room, it certainly needs a jazz up.
    the winners will be very happy indeed!!

  6. I have just followed you...

    I would love the Girl Play bunting... I am currently starting to decorate both my girls rooms, and this bunting would lok gorgeous in my youngests room.

    Congrats on reaching your 100 fans so quickly...

  7. Oh wow these are just beautiful! I have 3 boys so I would love to have this in the Boys roon :)

  8. Following your blog now! Oh both buntings are so beautiful! As I have a boy I would love the boys bunting as I love the colours of the retro old style fabric and all little boys love spaceman :o)

  9. I'd love either! My children will be moving into a shared room this weekend and either would be a perfect addition!

    Good luck to everyone

    Sarina x

  10. I have twins (boy/girl) and soon I'll have to separate them (which will hopefully result in them and me having more sleep). The girls bunting would make such a fantastic start for Olivia's new room. Tommie will have just to come into his sisters room to look at it.