Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thinking about Christmas...

Can you believe that ten weeks from today it will be Christmas Eve? No, nor could we!!! But it's true, which means we really must all start to think not only about present-buying but also about how we can make our Christmas decor just that little bit more stylish and special this year.

With this in mind Festoon would like to introduce to you our new Christmas Bunting. We have two designs and think they'll be the perfect way to make your Christmas decor stand out from the neighbours'. You could hang this up in your front porch, out on your terrace, over the fireplace - even around your tree - the possibilities are endless. It even comes with a jingly little bell on every second flag - how cute is that!

And, once Christmas is gone, you can pack it up away safely ready to bring out again next year - reusable, eco-friendly, and gorgeous - what more could you ask?
Take a look at our online store for details of purchase.


  1. This is adorable..
    I can't believe there is only 10 weeks until xmas.

  2. Fabulous Jenny. You've made me feel all Christmassy. Love from you biggest fan down in Somerset. xx