Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantastic Find: Flobib - Designer Baby Bibs

One of the lovely designers I have recently met through the networking website Skout Trade Fair is Nikola Barille, mother of Florence and the designer of Flo-bib baby bibs. Nikola's bibs are made in bandana-style using gorgeous fabrics from designers such as Amy Butler and Jacquie Shapiro, as well as from pieces of recycled and vintage materials.

As with so many of the wonderful 'Fantastic Finds' I have featured on this blog, these are not a mass-produced, factory made product - all of Nikola's bibs are made lovingly by hand in Sydney.

Flobib have recently introduced a new line to their website - a stylish 'pocket burper' to sling over your shoulder and catch all those stray dribbley bits that babies create - again made using gorgeous fabrics.Take a look at their website here - if you have a baby I'm sure you will find their products irresistable.

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