Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fantastic Find: Buttons by Lou Lou

I was so excited this week when a parcel arrived from the lovely Lou from Buttons at Lou Lou. Inside were some beautiful handmade fabric buttons and accessories I had chosen from her website, and they were even more gorgeous than I expected!

Lou loves fabrics as much as I do - she chooses the most beautiful she can find and then carefully makes them into unique limited edition fabric covered buttons. These fabric covered buttons are then made into a wide range of fun accessories for both children and adults. She has a wonderful range of rings, earrings, necklaces, paperclips, brooches, hairbands... or you can just buy the buttons themselves to use in your own projects. I love this Babushka necklace...

I am definitely visiting her site again before Christmas and recommend you do too - I am sure friends and family would love to receive some of these gorgeous and unique items as gifts and I can certainly vouch for their quality.

Lou also has an Etsy store, and a blog you may like to call in on too.


  1. Are any of the earrings of the clip-on type Jenny? If so I'd be interested ....
    Lovefrom your Mum xox

  2. Well, actually I did have you in mind when I mentioned visiting this site again before Christmas (tee hee) - I'll ask Lou about clip-on earrings, I think she can make them even if she doesn't have them in her store. The liberty-print designs are GORGEOUS and I think you would love them!!! Better watch out for that Christmas parcel.......!!!
    Jenny x0x0x0x0x

  3. Thanks Jenny. Glad you liked them. Look forward to another swap :) Lou.