Monday, October 19, 2009

It's special offer time!

We have a fantastic offer running at the moment, which I just HAVE to tell you about!

For a limited time, anyone who purchases beautiful bunting from Festoon will receive an LK Photography voucher for an extra DVD of high resolution images of their photos worth $75 - redeemable when you book LK Photography for your next photoshoot.
I would totally recommend using LK Photography if you need some product photos taking, just like I did recently - they were fast, professional, and reliable.
If you're getting married, why not buy some bunting from Festoon for your wedding venue, then use the voucher we'll send you and book LK Photography to take the pics of your big day? Or buy some festive bunting to add to your Christmas decor, and book LK Photography to take some pics of your family to send to relatives overseas?
The voucher is valid until 31st June 2010 and will be sent out with all bunting orders received from now until December 20th.


  1. Love your new site, looks good and your bunting pics too, love the shabby chic.


  2. Thanks Susie x ps I have just entered your blog comp!!! x