Friday, July 31, 2009

Red polkadots

I'm just about to pop this bunting into the mail to Kate at Sambellina for her party table at Magnolia Square in Melbourne next weekend... it's a perfect match for her red polkadot tableware and invitations (of which I have some on the way... can't wait!)
Just can't get enough of spots...


  1. Hi there, these are gorgeous, are they fabric or oilcloth, they look really good. Id love to add a piece about you in my blog in a couple of weeks time and show some of your lovely bunting. Will contact you shortly.
    Susie at
    I Just Love That Fabric

  2. Thanks Susie, they are just cotton. I have some oilcloth bunting on my to-do list but haven't quite got there yet!!

    Would really love to be in your blog - thanks soooo much! Chat soon, and have a lovely weekend, Jenny x

  3. Great picture, love the bunting and the background too!