Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Personalised girly bunting

I have been sewing up some personalised girly bunting this week as a new range for my website - I wasn't happy with the plain black lettering I was using before and I think this shabby pink style is far more gorgeous and unique, do you? It takes longer to sew, but looks so much prettier, so I think it's worth it. Of course the plain black lettering still has its place - it's bolder if it's really crucial for the name to be seen from afar - but this one wins hands down for me! (apologies for the photo quality - I really do need a good camera or someone to help me with my pics...)
Now I need to do something for the boys...


  1. Jenny - i love this, very nice and i think its a lot softer than having black lettering, so much more appropriate for a girly room!

    Lovely... Well done, and i am loving your blog as well!


  2. I think it is also lovely and I am glad you added in the something for boys comment at the end.. I am always looking for boys things so I am excited..


  3. Yes - working on the boys as we speak - watch this space! Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated! Jenny x