Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fantastic find: Sticky Tiki

Sticky Tiki are a small New Zealand company who make handcrafted fabric wall decals/stickers. They are thoughtfully designed, completely unique, often retro and a little quirky - so just my cup of tea!! As they are made from fabric they won't damage the wall and can easily be repositioned and moved, they are even washable which is a big plus for me, as the children in our home seem to get their sticky fingers everywhere!
I especially love their Dear Deer Tree - seen here:

However Katy has her eye on these gorgeous Babushka dolls - looks like we will definitely be coming back to Sticky Tiki once we get around to decorating her bedroom!

I have actually recently purchased some Babushka doll fabric too - so maybe there will soon be bunting to match!...


  1. Hi Jenny..that is so lovely, thank you very very much!!:) xx

  2. How lovely are those decals... just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.