Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog giveaway and fantastic find: Tat your Tot

Tat your Tot is a wonderful website with a really innovative and gorgeous product - personalised identity temporary tattoos or 'Identitats' for kids.

As a parent of three myself, I know how scary it can be to lose your child even for the shortest amount of time in a busy place. Identitats come in all sorts of different designs, and have on them contact and medical details (either already printed or you can write them on yourselves), so if a parent's worst fear should happen and their child goes missing in a crowded place, they can quickly be returned to them.

The great thing about the Identitat concept is that it pleases everyone - kids love nothing better than tattoos so will wear them with pride (I can imagine my little ones not wanting to take them off) and parents can take their children to busy areas safe in the knowledge that they are armed with all the information they need for a speedy return.

And now for the best bit ... Marieke at Tat your Tot has very kindly offered to give away 4 packs of each design of 'Write on tats' to one lucky reader of my blog!!! All you have to do is to tell your friends about the wonderful Tat your Tot site and concept - every tweet, Facebook or blog post mentioning Tat your Tot and this competition will count for one entry each (this includes RTs too!) - comment below once you have spread the word and how many entries you have made, and we will draw the winner one week today (Friday 11th September)!!

Good luck!

xxx Jenny & Marieke xxx


  1. I wrote one on my Facebook fanpage -

    And one on my blog -

    Fabulous comp and fabulous idea!! I was looking at these the other night, considering purchasing some for when we go to movieworld in December!!!

  2. Great competition - think these are a lovely idea. I've tweeted and have also put onto my facebook site - guess this is two entries?

    Many thanks,


  3. Thanks for the opp to win these, love your bunting too and looking out for another bunting giveaway soon!!! Hint hint...

    Have tweeted about your competition.

  4. I have tweeted :)


  5. These tweeters have all tweeted (yes, I am trying my best to keep a track!!) and haven't left a comment so I am popping them in here so we don't forget to include them in the draw: Nikstar25, kiwimumum, Tealeclan, A Little Bit of Cheek and Glitterfelt...

    Four more days to go until we pull out the winner!!

    Jenny xxx

  6. Louise Deed has also been spotted with this posted up on her Facebook site - thanks Louise!

    Thanks all for your entries so far - 3 more days to go!

    Jenny x

  7. Have tweeted numerous times.

    Blogged here and about to add that to networked blogs on facebook.

    Give me five!

    Mad Cow (Amanda)

  8. And on my pesonal page & real mums page on facebook :)

  9. I just tweeted. Thanks. Christine xo

    (littledivacraft on Twitter)

  10. OK - another link reference on facebook (in the comments)and antoher on twitter.


  11. And about another 923 times tonight on twitter :)

  12. Wow, thanks all! Especially you Miss Amanda Mad Cow!!! All your tweeting and Facebooking and blogging gives you about zillion votes!!! You are a star!!
    Thank you :-)
    Winner to be drawn tomorrow! xxx

  13. I love this post Amanda, sooo funny!

    Also spotted Raegan at A Little Bit of Cheek tweeting... so she's in it to win it too,

    Jen x

  14. ... am thinking, perhaps we should split these four packs up so that four winners win one pack each rather than one person getting them all... what do you think????? Would like to see more than one person winning! Comments appreciated,

    Me again x

  15. Thtat sounds like a good idea, Jen :)

  16. Just spotted an RT on Twitter from Amanda at Little Choopie...