Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LK Photography

You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet for the last week or two... hopefully those of you out there who follow my blog may have noticed a lack of chatter from me lately (or if you haven't then I guess I should be feeling concerned at not having been missed...) Anyway, the lack of blog chat has been for a couple of reasons...
Firstly, we have been incredibly busy with bunting creation, so it's been sew, sew, sew here at Festoon Towers. That's a good thing, right! Secondly, we have been awaiting the free photoshoot we recently won with LK Photography - knowing we had some great piccies about to be taken meant that we felt less inspired to post any of our own shoddy ones!!! This was due to take place early last week, was postponed to Wednesday due to a delay in shipping of our new Christmas fabric, then was again postponed when we awoke that day to bright orange sand-stormy skies! Orange-tinged piccies are sooo not a good look where product shots are concerned, although the sepia tinge looked beautiful...
(LK Photography's pic of the sky that day...)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the much-awaited photoshoot finally took place today - yipppeeee! The lovely Laura from LK Photography was an absolute star and worked like a trooper to get all the product shots done and even took the time to take a portrait of me as requested by a newspaper shortly running a feature on Festoon (more of that when the feature comes out...)
She is such a pro and so sweet - the allotted time over-ran but she didn't complain, and I would totally recommend her. She does portraits, weddings and commercial shoots and is able to work under even the trickiest of conditions and with the most un-photogenic of models (me!!!)

I can't wait to see the finished pictures...and introduce our lovely Christmas bunting to the website!

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  1. I'm literally blushing. Thanks for such a glowing review Jenny. I've started an LK Mentions section on my About LK page at http://www.lkphotography.com.au/about-lk/4674 and you are the first one up.