Friday, November 20, 2009

Fantastic Find: Mee a Bee

OOoooh how I love to swap! Some wonderful friends on Skout Trade Fair have recently been swapping goodies and I've really enjoyed taking part - it's a great way to promote each other's businesses and get some gorgeous handmade creations for free! My latest swap was with Jacqui of Mee a Bee - she makes cute little bags for girls and boys - whimsical and a touch retro - so just my cup of tea. Jacqui is a New Zealander who now lives in Japan with her husband and two little boys, and her creations are stunning - she uses gorgeous Japanese cottons and linens to make her bags, which I totally love. These Japanese fabrics are some of the same ones I use in my bunting, and the quality of them is unrivalled.

It was so hard to choose something from her range of designs, but in the end I chose a reversable messenger bag for Tom - it's adorable - red stripes with gorgeous airplane fabric on one side, then denim and funky cars if you turn it inside out. He is going to LOVE it - he loves collecting treasures when we are out (usually just stones, or shells from the beach) so this will be perfect! I really want to post a piccie of him with it, but have decided to save it for Christmas now that's not too far away - so in the meantime here's a picture of a bag similar to the one Jacqui made me. Check out Mee a Bee's Etsy shop here.