Thursday, November 5, 2009

Handmade swap - Thula Thula

I have recently taken part in a handmade swap organised through Skout, and was lucky enough to swap some of my bunting for this GORGEOUS top from the lovely Naomi at Thula Thula.

It's so sweet, even more gorgeous in real life than it looked on the picture on the web, and Tom loves it (sorry it's such a grainy pic... it was taken on my iphone!) It's made from 100% cotton with a lovely ticking stripe pattern and will be so cool for the Summer, plus has a sweet little pocket perfect for Tom's little treasures (stones from our gravel driveway mostly...)

Thula Thula (t'ula) is a Zulu word meaning hush, and Thula Thula is a children's brand focussing on classic styles and cuts from the 30s/40s - all beautifully handmade using traditional techniques in pattern making and sewing by Naomi. I definitely recommend you check out her site for some goodies for your little ones, you will not be disappointed!

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