Saturday, January 30, 2010

Festoon - a definition

I was perusing the internet this evening when I happened to fall upon the Martha Stewart Living Radio blog. One of her pre-Christmas posts talked about the definition of the word 'Festoon', and I thought I'd quote a little of what she said here as it really defines why we chose this name for our company in the first place...
"Festoon is most commonly used as a verb meaning “to decorate” in a general sense. But a festoon is technically a specific kind of decoration. You’ve seen those long, chainlike decorations that are suspended from the ceiling, high on the wall, or across a corner. Some blaze a message across them, such as Happy Holiday. They’re all called festoons. It’s kind of like bunting meets a banner.

A festoon can also be an architectural detail, like a chain ornament carved into a wall, as if imitating the other festoon. This festoon is very similar to swag. The primary difference is that swag is always hung with fabric. The Romans hung plenty of swags and festoons in the public square. During the Renaissance, they made a comeback. We’ve unfurled them on any special occasion ever since. Perhaps the real difference between swag and festoon is that festoon began as a festival tradition. Yes, there’s a reason why festival and festoon sound so similar. Both words come from the Latin festa, which was the word for holidays. And what did they do on holidays in ancient times? The one thing that remains that same is a celebratory feast. Yes, feast is also related to festoon, which is fitting, because both are integral parts about being festive..."
I love the word Festoon - knowing that our company name derives from the words 'festival' and 'feast' brings warmth to my soul!!! Let's hope people continue to unfurl swags and festoons on special occasions for many years to come...


  1. Interesting! I saw the artice about you & your biz in the Home magazine in the Herald Sun today! Congratulations! I hope that it generates lots & lots of business for you! Natasha xx

  2. Thanks Natasha, I haven't seen it yet - turns out you can't buy it here in Sydney! They are sending me some copies so I'll just have to wait... got a few orders straight yesterday from the Melbourne area though so I definitely think it's working!!!!
    Jenny x

  3. I've still got it here if you want me to send it to you :)

  4. How cool - I never knew that !! WOW - Herald Sun - that is amazing ... congratulations. Thank you for always posting such lovely comments on my blog... xx Kate

  5. Awww thanks Natasha, are you sure? That would be great! They're supposed to be sending me some but you never know.... if you're sure, I'll email you my address! And thanks too Kate, you know I lOVE your blog!!! :-) x x x